Restore your Wheels to their Original Glory with Custom Wheel Repair

Wheel repairs

If your wheels have curb damage, bent rims, chipped surfaces, coating scrapes and scratches, or even minor dings, we can make your wheels look shiny and new again.

Protect your car’s value.

Scuffed, gouged, scraped, scratched and dinged wheels detract from the appearance and value of automobiles. Fix your wheels before you sell your car for maximum value, and save money by fixing your wheels before you return your leased vehicle.

Drive Safely

Don’t delay. Wheel damage comes with safety concerns. Cracked or damaged wheels can cause vibrations that can not only destroy your wheels, it can also cause damage to the suspension and steering system of your vehicle. Small cracks can lead to slow air leaks. If left unattended the cracks can widen and may cause serious problems. Large cracks can cause very quick air leaks or even prevent you from inflating your tire altogether. A cracked wheel, even with very tiny hairline cracks, can quickly become unsafe to use.

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